Oral Soft Tissue Diseases

What are oral soft tissue diseases?

Oral soft tissue diseases are generally the manifestation of systemic diseases in the soft tissues of the mouth. Many times, a systemic disease manifests in the mouth. While some diseases exhibit distinctive clinical features that can be easily diagnosed, others share common features that make them more difficult to diagnose. Dr. Chinwalla is a highly trained and experienced periodontist who that can accurately diagnose and treat various diseases that manifest in the mouth. Some of the most common symptoms of oral soft tissue diseases include:

  • Burning sensation and inability to tolerate hot/spicy food
  • Dry mouth
  • Bad taste in mouth or bitter taste in mouth
  • Difficulty in opening the mouth
  • Pain
  • Change in normal color of the affected part of the mouth: tissues show an increase in pigment and could appear white, red or blue/black
  • Drastic change in surface texture of the tissue
  • Enlargement or thickening of the soft tissue

How are oral soft tissue diseases diagnosed and treated?

The diagnosis of oral diseases is based on a thorough medical and dental history. Initially Dr. Chinwalla conducts an examination. In most cases, additional diagnostic procedures are warranted. These procedures most often require removal of a part or the entire area, of the lesion for microscopic examination.

The treatment of oral soft tissue diseases consists of palliative mouth rinses, medication to alleviate pain, and in some cases prescription medicine.


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