Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral cancer has the potential to become a life-threatening condition if it is not detected and treated in time. Thanks to advances in dental technology, the problem can now be diagnosed and treated in its earliest stages. Early detection of the occurrence of oral cancer increases the survival chances to 80% or better.

At Chinwalla Periodontics and Implants clinic in Darien, IL, we perform oral cancer screenings as a part of the regular dental exams conducted for our patients. It is a quick and painless procedure that helps us identify any abnormalities in the oral cavity. We will thoroughly check the mouth, lips, gums and throat by touching and visual inspection. In case any irregular occurrences are found, a brush test is conducted. This involves taking a small tissue sample from the suspected area and sending it to a dental lab for analysis. In case the results are found to be positive or atypical, we may order a biopsy.

Oral cancer can affect you at any age. The risks are higher if you consume tobacco in excess. Excessive exposure to the sun is also known to cause cancer in the lips. Genetic factors have been known to play a role as well.

If you notice symptoms such as red or white sores anywhere in your mouth, bad breath, excessive dryness or pain while swallowing, which do not go away after two or three weeks, consult our clinic immediately for an assessment.

Schedule your screening appointment at Chinwalla Periodontics & Implants by calling us (630) 582-3120. We are conveniently located at 8342 Lemont Road, Suite 3-F Darien, IL 60561.


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