Tooth extraction refers to the removal of a tooth from its bone socket. Extraction is performed for teeth that are decayed and damaged beyond repair, or whose existence could impact the other healthy teeth in the mouth. At Chinwalla Periodontics & Implants, our priority is to save your teeth, and we perform extractions only as a last resort, when all other options of saving your tooth have been ruled out by dental experts at our clinic in Darien, IL.

The most common cases where tooth extraction needs to be performed are:

  • If an extra tooth is blocking other teeth from erupting.
  • If the baby teeth haven’t fallen out in time to allow the permanent teeth ones to come in.
  • Some teeth may need to be removed before installing braces to make room for the teeth that are being straightened.
  • Teeth that get infected or decayed beyond repair need extraction.
  • Wisdom teeth need to be extracted either if they are decayed, or if they are stuck in the jaw and have not erupted completely, causing irritation and swelling of the gums.

Tooth extractions could be surgical or non-surgical. Simple or non-surgical extractions can be performed by using local anesthesia and loosening the tooth using an instrument called an elevator. The tooth is then removed using forceps. In a surgical extraction, a small incision is cut into the gum and sometimes some of the bone around the tooth is removed or the tooth itself is cut into half to remove it. This is usually done for teeth that have not erupted fully or have broken off at the gum line.

For comfortable, painless tooth extractions performed by the best and experienced dentists, contact Chinwalla Periodontics & Implants in Darien, IL. Call us at (630) 582-3120 to schedule your appointment.


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