Cracked Teeth

Cracks in the teeth may occur due to an accident or trauma, uneven chewing pressure, stress on a tooth, biting on hard foods such as ice, nuts etc., or very large fillings on a tooth. Tooth cracks not only cause aesthetic issues, but also create pain while eating and drinking. A crack that exposes the inside of a tooth to bacteria could also cause infection and tooth loss.

A cracked tooth pains while biting because the pressure of the bite causes the crack to open. When the pressure is released, the crack closes, causing a sharp pain again. The opening of a crack irritates the pulp of the tooth, causing the tooth to become sensitive to cold and hot foods and temperatures.

Depending upon the nature and extent of the crack, different treatment methods may be applied to repair a cracked tooth. If the crack has caused infection in the pulp of the tooth, root canal therapy may be needed prior to restoration of the crack. If the crack is severe and has caused the tooth to split, extraction may be needed.

At Chinwalla Periodontics, we offer a range of treatments and restorations for cracked teeth, such as cosmetic bonding, veneers, dental crowns and fillings. We also check for tooth cracks during the course of your regular dental exams so that they can be detected and treated in time. For the best treatment for cracked teeth, schedule an appointment at our clinic in Darien, IL. Call (630) 582-3120.


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