Combined Root Canal & Gum Problems

Sometimes, when you experience toothache, it is difficult to identify which tooth the pain is coming from. This may cause a confusing set of symptoms, which make it difficult to identify the exact cause of the problem.

Such a confusing set of symptoms may be related to a combination of root canal and gum infection. An infection that starts in the root canal could sometimes infect the gum tissues, causing periodontal disease. It could also happen that an infection that started in the gum travels to the pulp of the tooth via the accessory canals and causes a root canal infection.

The treatment administered in the case of combined root canal and gum problems depends upon where the infection originated and the condition of the tooth. Usually, it is easier to save the tooth when the origin of the infection is a root canal problem that moves into the gums. If it is a periodontal infection that moves to the pulp of the tooth, chances of saving the tooth are quite low, because much of the bone underneath the tooth has already been lost in such cases.

If toothache is troubling you, Chinwalla Periodontics & Implants clinic invites you to visit their office in Darien, IL. We will conduct an analysis and find out the root cause of the problem so that proper treatment can be administered and the tooth can be saved. Call our clinic at (630) 582-3120 for appointments.


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