Bone Grafting

In order for dental implants to be successfully placed, there must be enough bone structure to support the implants. Bone deterioration is common at the site of a lost tooth. In such cases, a process called bone grafting is performed to add bone to the jaw. The graft used can be your own bone or made of processed bone-like material. Several methods of bone augmentation are available; we will perform the one suited best to the condition of your teeth and the location, number and type of dental implants to be used.

At Chinwalla Periodontics & Implants clinic in Darien, IL, we perform the process of bone grafting with utmost precision and care. The area is first numbed using a local anesthetic and an incision is made in the gum where the implant is going to be placed to understand what type and how much of bone is needed. The bone graft is placed and a membrane is put to cover it before closing the incision.

You will be prescribed an anti-bacterial mouthwash, antibiotics and painkillers after the procedure and will be advised to eat only soft foods to avoid putting pressure on the graft. If you have natural teeth around the graft, we may give you a temporary bridge to help protect the area. For those who wear dentures, they should avoid wearing them for over a month to allow the area to heal. The bone graft usually takes around six to nine months to fully heal, before dental implants can be installed at the site.

Get bone grafting surgery performed by expert dentists at the Chinwalla Periodontics & Implants Clinic. Schedule your consultation by calling our Darien, IL office at (630) 582-3120.


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