Why Choose Chinwalla Periodontics and Implants

At Chinwalla periodontics and implants, we ensure that people of the community of Darien and Bloomingdale, IL find affordable dental services Our office has the best equipment and modern technology to make sure that your dental treatments are performed effectively and safely.

We are extremely careful about prevention from injury and hence they recommend mouth guards for adults to prevent most problems. We offer root canal re treatment as well as treatment of combined root canal and gum problems. Cracked teeth can be easily mended and oral cancer screenings are done with the use of state of the art facilities which has made it possible to detect cancer in a very early stage and prevent it from spreading.

Periodontal disease treatment is meant for the gums because swollen or bleeding gums cannot sustain healthy teeth and other oral soft tissue diseases are also dealt with. Another very common problem arises with gum recession when the gum line starts to retreat and might not only look bad but also give rise to complications so that is treated with care. Frenectomy is conducted by the top dentists in the industry along with TMD treatment for better and effective results. Tooth extraction is a matter of immense concern with most patients and it is carried out with surgical precision. The same can be said of dental implants which are then used to fill in the gap in the teeth.

Temporary anchor devices are used to treat misshapen teeth and functional crown lengthening is a used to elongate crowns as required. One can also avail bone grafting services for proper shapes and temporary crowns for their teeth. Overall, it can be said that all the services that one might ever need when it comes to dental services can be availed here and at very inexpensive rates.

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Our Happy Customers

  • Chinwalla Periodontics & Implants Testimonial

    "Dr. Chinwalla has always been considerate about how I feel before & after my surgical procedures , He explained everything I needed to know Dr. Chinwalla was very gentle. I have never had a bad experience with him. He’s the BEST!!"
    - Mel

  • Chinwalla Periodontics & Implants Testimonial

    " Doctor Chinwalla did an incredible job with my implant! He was very patient when working with me and working around my college schedule. Everyone in the office is extremely friendly and helpful! Anytime I had a question for the doctor he was quick to respond."
    - Gautham

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